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It's Always a good time for Chai

(SINCE 2003)

Jodi Dore - Chai Wallahs Founder and Owner

They learned about the true Chai Wallahs, men who sell tea on street corners and trains in India. Also learning how each Indian family has a unique recipe depending on what spices are available and the season. The ritual of spice and community took over their winter season.

After selling at hundreds of markets and creating thousands of canisters of Chai, Jodi and Heather were delighted to be drying ginger and grinding cardamom pods to produce this amazing tea. They’ve created their own blend with both Black and Rooibos Chai.

Within their line of products, they have added Chai Honey – with all the sweet and spice and none of the caffeine. There’s more good news... the honey is locally produced and unpasteurized. You can buy their Teas and Masala Chai Honey from unique stores around Red Deer. 


In 2003, two Red Deer friends decided to share their love of Chai with folks at farmer’s markets all over Central Alberta.

In loving memory

In 2017, dear Heather passed away after a short fight with Cancer. The loss of her best friend and business partner was a big shock and Jodi took a year off the markets. In the fall of 2018, with the help of her daughters, Jodi began selling at markets again and growing her retail outlets.

As Heather would say, after 18 years, "It’s always a good time for a chai."

Heather - Founder
"We love you always and forever." - Jodi Dore
Heather & Jodi - Founders
"Forged in friendship and honoured in a lifetime of memories." - Jodi Dore

Love Chai?

The Chai Wallahs were born in 2003 out of a desire to share their love of genuine Indian Chai with folks all over Central Alberta. Honouring the story and legacy of the foundation of Chai Wallahs, today you can find Jodi & her daughter, Jessica, serving Chai at local farmers markets.

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