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Top 10 ways to use

your delicious & nutritious

Chai Honey


1. Add 1tsp to black tea or coffee, and a dash of cream. Delish!


2. Use as a sugar substitute for rice or bread pudding. Spicy!


3. Spread a thin layer on buttered toast. Memories!

4.Stir 1tsp into a mug of hot lemon water. Natural med!

5.Drop 1tsp into warm milk. Bedtime!

6. Add 1tsp to a mug of hot unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze. To share with friends, use the whole carton and add 1/3 cup of Chai Honey. Low Calorie!


7.Drop 1tsp into a bowl, cover with hot oatmeal. Surge of flavour!

8.For kettle corn, add 1tsp to your butter and melt together. Drizzle!


9.Candied nuts for your spinach salad? In a frying pan, melt 1tsp each of butter and Chai Honey, stir in 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans (or any nut), stir until fragrant, pour onto a sheet of parchment paper, cool, and serve in a salad. Perfection!

10. Must try, for a glaze, brush honey on baked salmon towards the end of the cooking time. Steak is great finished with the glaze in the frying pan. 1tsp butter, 1tsp honey, and any other spice you enjoy. Savory! 

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