it's always a good time for chai!

Discover new ways to enjoy Chai Wallah Chai products with recipes from Jodi, and some of our friends.

Have a delicious recipe that incorporates one of our products? We'd love to hear from you!

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Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Chai Muffins

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 12.14.08 PM.pn

Gingersnap Cookies

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.38.39 PM.pn

No-Bake Energy Balls

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 12.13.55 PM.pn

Candied Nuts

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.38.18 PM.pn

Chai Eggnog

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.38.06 PM.pn

Chai Almonds

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.39.00 PM.pn

Chai Cookies

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.38.24 PM.pn

Chai Infused Balsamic Glaze

Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 10.39.06 PM.pn

Chai Granola

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